The 'Electric Eddie'

The 'Electric Eddie'




There is no piece of parchment that indicates Eddie was a Rugby player or even a fan- but if he was, he'd have worn something like this!


An Electric vibe to your wardrobe, this jersey represents the power we have in walking together with people on their journey- the sharing of the vibe is o' so powerful and draws people in- just like this jersey will.

Are they ugly or pure fashion genius?
Decide with your pocket money, these bad- boys won't last long.


    Once an item is purchased, we collate all orders within 3 days and process for creation.
    If you need to change a size, please contact your local office asap.
    If you receive your item and are not happy, please contact your local office to arrange a resolution. 


    We'd love to ship this item directly too you, but it's too expensive- we're thinking of you really!

    We'll collate all the orders and have them just in time for the next camp season. They'll be available from the ERC office and at camp for collection.