Volunteering on an Edmund Rice Camp is an incredibly unique and rewarding experience!

There are many fantastic ways to get involved in Edmund Rice Camps as a volunteer. Whether you are looking for work experience, completing your Duke of Ed Award or a University unit, or maybe you know another Eddie Ricer and you are just interested in becoming a part of our wonderful organisation for the fun and personal reward that it offers!
You'll get to meet a bunch of new people, support a child and family and help build a stronger community.There are a variety of roles, so whatever your skill or passion, we want you to join our community.

No matter what your interest, the process is pretty simple! We have outlined the steps below to get you on your way.

It is so easy...

Volunteering on an Edmund Rice Camp is such an amazing experience!

Please be 16 years old or over before you apply

Complete the new volunteer application form

Apply for a Blue Card with us as your organisation

Come to one of our Child Protection Trainings

Support a kid to have an awesome

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