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Welcome to a page of true inspiration! While we know the magic happens on our programs when volunteers and children are working together, but the people and businesses below are part of the team that make it all possible.

Our sponsors are the reason we continue to improve our programs and have the capacity to ensure the very best quality of service to our Eddie Rice community.

We are incredibly grateful and always blown away by the generosity of our sponsors and key supporters and would encourage you to read through some of the ways they continue to help us achieve our vision. 
Please feel free to enquire about our sponsorship opportunities or any of our current sponsors for contact details.


FRESH Promotions

Bill and the team at Fresh Promotions have been incredibly supportive of our programs and our development as an organisation. Their commitment to support the cost of our Head2Heart badges for volunteer students, will allow us to build a positive volunteer culture and improve our volunteer retention.


Shannon and her team at Daykin Family Law were immediate and enthusiastic in their reply to become a sponsor. Their support has helped purchase 500 white t-shirts for our camp tradition of gifting every participant a painted and signed shirt from their camp



Mark and Colleen from Thunderbox Toolboxes have been absolutely amazing in their sponsorship of our programs. They have supported us to purchase our Head2Heart resources as well as 30 inflatable mattresses for children and volunteers on our overnight programs!

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