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'Resilient Rice' Ruggers

'Resilient Rice' Ruggers


Among the many things that inspire us from the story of Edmund Rice, a common theme throughout his journey is that of resilience. 
We continue to be inspired by the resilience of our families, their children and our volunteers who support our communities. 

Just like Eddie, the Ruggers shorts are as resilient as they come. A staple for any Eddie Ricer, these shorts will suit all of your needs, from the wildest paint fight to the longest slip and slide. 


    Once an item is purchased, we collate all orders within 3 days and process for creation.
    If you need to change a size, please contact your local office asap.
    If you receive your item and are not happy, please contact your local office to arrange a resolution. 


    We'd love to ship this item directly to you, but it's too expensive- we're thinking of you really!

    We'll collate all the orders and have them just in time for the next camp season. They'll be available from the ERC office and at camp for collection.

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